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 The New Music Show is where we introduce new music and new artists to the listeners at MotorCity Music Showcase Radio. The New Music Show is a great way to discover new music; the show airs every Friday @ 10pm EST, PST, Saturday @ 10pm EST, PST.

   Steve Rogers and Wife, Miami Moore are hosting a new talk show on WMMS Digital called Just Kickin It! It's all about relationships. You can call in and voice your opinion on what ever topic we're discussing. Just Kickin It Premieres September  10th between 11pm - Midnight right after Wednesday Night Romance.

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Gary Jenkins (Lead Singer of Silk) is Coming to WMMS-Digital with what he calls        G SPOT, the show premieres October 2nd at 8pm - 10pm

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Returning Friday @ 10pm EST
Al Walser Top 20
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